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Fall 1998

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Special Sections

Special Section

Taking the Leap

The rose of a Pacific Ocean sunset poured through the windows as I woke up. I had fallen asleep on the living room couch shortly before dinner. Our house hung on a coastal hillside above a narrow beach. The tide was in below when I asked my then fourteen-year-old daughter to pour another glass of […]

By China Galland

Special Section

What’s in the Mix?

Zen Abbot Bodhin Kjolhede Do enlightenment and alcohol mix? No. That’s the short answer. But let’s define our terms. There are many people who might consider themselves “drunks” who haven’t touched alcohol in years. But here I take the definition of “a drunk” to be based on behavior, current behavior—someone who consistently drinks to excess. […]

By Bodhin Kjolhede and Jeffrey Hopkins
Image: Chip Buddhas, Enku, circa 1675-1695 ("mature period"), Japan, wood. Photo © Tetsuo Kurihara/Courtesy Kazuaki Tanahashi.

Special Section

Remembering Roshi

I remember a three-month training period at Zen Mountain Center, when I was the chiden, the caretaker of altars and offerings. It was during the summer months, when the shaded gully of the San Jacinto mountains holds the heat of the surrounding Southern California desert. During a very formal memorial service, as I was carrying a […]

By Roshi Pat Enkyo O'Hara

Special Section

From A to Z

William Alexander tracks the fractured terrain between booze and badness, gin and genes, identity and emptiness—and makes his way from AA to Zazen The Twelve Steps 1. We admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable. 2. Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. 3. […]

By William Alexander



What the Buddha Taught About Sexual Harassment

At one time a certain woman was wearing a rough blanket. A certain monk, being infatuated, said to this woman, “Sister, is that thick, short hair yours?” She did not understand and said, “Yes, master, it is a rough blanket.” He was remorseful and said, “What if I have fallen into an offence entailing a […]

By Jan Chozen Bays
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In the News

In the News Fall 1998

One Mind     On June 6, the Great Hill in New York’s Central Park was the site of Tricycle’s Fifth Annual Change Your Mind Day, graciously sponsored this year by the Henry Luce Foundation. On a crystal-clear, breezy Saturday, the crowds sat in contemplative silence on blankets and zafus while teachers from many different […]

By Tricycle


Mixed Media

Cassette Tapes Your Buddha NatureTeachings on the Ten PerfectionsJack KornfieldSounds True, $59.95 An introductory program of meditations and mindfulness techniques. Therapist and meditation instructor Jack Kornfield draws on an eclectic pool of teachings from various traditions but structures his curriculum on the ten paramitas, or “inner perfections” of Buddhism, stressing their immediate applicability to the […]

By Carol Dysinger

Editors View

Are We There Yet?

Recently, I visited New Mexico to join the first Buddhabus Tour. Organized by the Tricycle ExChange, a membership program for our readers, the trip included eighteen adventurers. They started off with a workshop at Naropa Institute in Boulder and, after a day’s ride through the Rockies, arrived in Crestone, Colorado, where they stayed at Richard […]

By Tricycle

From The Academy

Top Ten List

The recent spate of interest in Buddhism in magazines (like Time) and on television (like “The Oprah Winfrey Show”) inspired the students in my BS (for Buddhist Studies) 230: Introduction to Buddhism to compile a list of the ten most common misconceptions that Americans have about Buddhism. The students were the first to admit that […]

By Donald S. Lopez Jr.


The Koans of Yogi Berra

Discovered inside a catcher’s mitt in the year 2087 by archaeologists while excavating rubble in the abandoned Yankee Stadium in the Bronx: KOAN 1: “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”Commentary: Yogi gave this mystifying advice to a young second baseman being sent down to the minors after popping out too […]

By Brad Stroup

On Gardening

A Prayer for the Forest

“Draw your chair close to the precipice and I’ll tell you a story.”—F. Scott Fitzgerald I recently returned from a pilgrimage into Headwaters Forest in Humboldt County in northern California, where eight of us buried an earth treasure vase in the heart of old growth redwoods. We went into this remote forest 275 miles north […]

By Wendy Johnson


Letters to the Editor Fall 1998

All Fired Up Regarding the Summer 1998 issue, thank you very much for your elegant presentation of my poem “No” in “Seeing Red: Practicing with Anger” from my chapbook Fuck You, Cancer & Other Poems. But I am so angry, so pissed at the sloppy typo that marred the poem and my pleasure of seeing […]

By Tricycle


Books in Brief

The Legend of Queen CamaBodhiramsi’s CamadevivamsaA Translation and CommentaryDonald K. Swearer and Sommai PremchitSUNY Press, $19.95 A Pali chronicle from early fifteenth-century Thailand, translated and contextualized by a Thai-American team of two scholars. The seventh-century Queen Cama’s founding of the Haripunjaya dynasty is set against a parallel account of the Buddha’s journey to the northern […]

By Tricycle



The Science of Enlightenment: Meditative Medicine

Listening alongside His Holiness the Dalai Lama at a recent conference on meditation, I was inspired by the notion I was hearing that this century may be remembered less for its velvet revolutions than for the more obscure transformations that have softened the mechanized edges of medicine. Lately, new research areas bearing such names as […]

By Joseph Loizzo