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IdeasMagazine | Feature

Yasutani Roshi: The Hardest Koan

Brian Victoria uncovers the wartime anti-Semitism of one of America’s most seminal Zen masters. Responses to this material from: Robert Aitken, Bernie Glassman, Bodhin Kjolhede, and Lawrence Shainberg

Roshi Bernie Glassman, Lawrence Shainberg, Robert Aitken, and Bodhin Kjolhede

Magazine | Feature

Dharma in the Republic of Desire

How can Buddhism, which sees desire as a root cause of suffering, survive in contemporary America, whose economy and culture are virtually fueled by desire?

By Peter Trachtenberg

CultureMagazine | Feature

Rearranging the Clouds

With chaos all around—plus a teenager who bakes her boots in the oven—a chef is served tasty doses of dharma in a Tibetan center kitchen.

By Kimberley Snow


Magazine | Letters

Letters to the Editor Fall 1999

Talking Back to Prozac Thank you so much for printing the article “Prozac & Enlightened Mind.” As a person who has experienced depression and as a physician who treats depression, it is helpful to find that…

By Tricycle

CultureMagazine | On Practice

Listening for Change

When talking about the different law in the universe and how they manifest themselves, one commonality is a kind of rhythmical vibration. You might say that all matter and energy obey these laws in particular ways.…

By Duncan Sheik

remembering rick fields

ObituariesMagazine | In Transition

Rick Fields

84,000 84,000 Gates to the Dharma  And mine is best. What a waste! Do your practice. Enjoy your life And let the world Argue and discuss itself To death. —Rick Fields, 9/13/98 Rick Fields was fifty-seven…

By Helen Tworkov

TeachingsMagazine | On Practice

Where Do Sounds Come From?

“Through many kalpas, because of your ear-organ, you hanker after external sounds; your hearing of mystic sounds begets attachment to them; your hearing of evil sounds causes the harm of 108 illusions. Such retribution of your…

By Jae Woong Kim

CultureMagazine | Reviews

Books, Music, Mixed Media

The Art and Poetry of d. a. levy Edited with an Investigative Essay by Mike Golden Seven Stories Press: New York, 1999 320 pp.; $21.95 (paper) David Stanford The Buddhist Third Class Junkmail Oracle: The Art…

By Tricycle

Magazine | On Gardening

On Not Cutting Corners

I am a steadfast refugee from the computer age, a modern dinosaur, born too late and disinclined to type, send e-mail, or surf the Net. I know that in the time it would take me to…

By Wendy Johnson

IdeasMagazine | In the News


Expand Your Mind ’99 The concept for CHANGE YOUR MIND Day, a Tricycle sponsored event of public, free, and outdoor meditation in New York’s Central Park, initially came before the board of directors in 1993. Tricycle…

By Tricycle

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