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Fall 1999

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Letters to the Editor Fall 1999

Talking Back to Prozac Thank you so much for printing the article “Prozac & Enlightened Mind.” As a person who has experienced depression and as a physician who treats depression, it is helpful to find that others are asking the questions I’ve asked of myself. Without medication (Prozac in my case), I might well not […]

By Tricycle

On Practice

Listening for Change

When talking about the different law in the universe and how they manifest themselves, one commonality is a kind of rhythmical vibration. You might say that all matter and energy obey these laws in particular ways. So when you chant Nam myoho renge kyo, for instance, the idea is that you are getting your whole […]

By Duncan Sheik

In Transition

Rick Fields

84,000 84,000 Gates to the Dharma  And mine is best. What a waste! Do your practice. Enjoy your life And let the world Argue and discuss itself To death. —Rick Fields, 9/13/98       Rick Fields was fifty-seven years old when he died on Sunday, June 6, and had occupied a preeminent position in […]

By Tricycle

On Practice

Where Do Sounds Come From?

“Through many kalpas, because of your ear-organ, you hanker after external sounds; your hearing of mystic sounds begets attachment to them; your hearing of evil sounds causes the harm of 108 illusions. Such retribution of your hearing evils brings about evil things and your incessant hearing of evil sounds produces entanglements.” —the Lotus Sutra Once, […]

By Jae Woong Kim

Parting Words

Mind of Embracing All Things

Reading an early passage of the Kegon Sutra, I came across a poem by the Ho-E Bodhisattva which made me want to cry out, “How Wonderful!” Here it is: Be free from subject and object, Get away from dirtiness and cleanness. Sometimes entangled and sometimes not, I forget all relative knowledge: My real wish is […]

By Tricycle


Books, Music, Mixed Media

The Art and Poetry of d. a. levy Edited with an Investigative Essay by Mike Golden Seven Stories Press: New York, 1999 320 pp.; $21.95 (paper) David Stanford The Buddhist Third Class Junkmail Oracle: The Art and Poetry of d. a. levy is two books in one: the best of levy’s poetry and prose and […]

By Tricycle

On Gardening

On Not Cutting Corners

I am a steadfast refugee from the computer age, a modern dinosaur, born too late and disinclined to type, send e-mail, or surf the Net. I know that in the time it would take me to learn to use the computer I could bud and graft disappearing strains of heritage apples, a far more compelling […]

By Wendy Johnson

In the News


Expand Your Mind ’99 The concept for CHANGE YOUR MIND Day, a Tricycle sponsored event of public, free, and outdoor meditation in New York’s Central Park, initially came before the board of directors in 1993. Tricycle is published by The Buddhist Ray, a not-for-profit educational organization established to disseminate Buddhist dharma and whose prime vehicle […]

By Tricycle
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