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Lessons of History

Stephen Batchelor, proponent of "Buddhism without beliefs," investigates the historical development of Buddhism across different cultures—and uncovers a difference in the conception of history itself.

By Stephen Batchelor

IdeasMagazine | Feature

Mean Street Monks

Theravadin monks in Stockton, California, open their temple to the streetwise youth of the local Southeast Asian community, and offer a haven from gang-ruled neighborhoods. Now the monks stand accused of violating their monastic vows by…

By Bob Easton-Waller


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In the News Winter 2000

In Memoriam: Trevor Leggett Trevor Leggett (1914-2000), the prolific Zen author, died on August 1 in London. Leggett was, by all accounts, a man of considerable talents and extensive interests. He was a law graduate, an…

By Tricycle

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Letters to the Editor Winter 2000

Ordinary Mind I really enjoy Tricycle. I love the intellectual awareness that the articles demand of me. I am always thrilled when Tricycle comes in the mail and always learn there is hope for my path,…

By Tricycle

Magazine | Editors View

Round and Around

From a great remove, the history of religions might resemble cellular activity: entities come together, multiply, divide, regroup, split off, etc., all in a distant dance of transformation. In actuality, the individuation of any one tradition…

By Tricycle

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STEPHEN BATCHELOR, a frequent contributor to Tricycle, is the author of Buddhism Without Beliefs and, most recently, Verses from the Center, a translation of Nagarjuna’s work on emptiness. He is the co-founder of Sharpham College in…

By Tricycle

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