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IdeasMagazine | Feature

Lessons of History

Stephen Batchelor, proponent of "Buddhism without beliefs," investigates the historical development of Buddhism across different cultures—and uncovers a difference in the conception of history itself.

By Stephen Batchelor

IdeasMagazine | Feature

Mean Street Monks

Theravadin monks in Stockton, California, open their temple to the streetwise youth of the local Southeast Asian community, and offer a haven from gang-ruled neighborhoods. Now the monks stand accused of violating their monastic vows by…

By Bob Easton-Waller

Personal ReflectionsMagazine | Feature

Freedom: Guns or Dharma

Jan Willis’s critical choice: join with the Black Panthers in an armed fight for freedom, or return to Nepal to study the dharma. This was the decision she faced upon graduating from Cornell University in 1969.…

By Jan Willis

Personal ReflectionsMagazine | Feature

Confessions of a Dharma Punk

Noah Levine, born in 1971 in Garberville, California, began dharma practice while institutionalized—having been arrested for drugs and violence—in Santa Cruz County Juvenile Hall in 1988. He has been practicing since then, primarily in the Theravada…

By Noah Levine


Magazine | In the News

In the News Winter 2000

In Memoriam: Trevor Leggett Trevor Leggett (1914-2000), the prolific Zen author, died on August 1 in London. Leggett was, by all accounts, a man of considerable talents and extensive interests. He was a law graduate, an…

By Tricycle

Magazine | Letters

Letters to the Editor Winter 2000

Ordinary Mind I really enjoy Tricycle. I love the intellectual awareness that the articles demand of me. I am always thrilled when Tricycle comes in the mail and always learn there is hope for my path,…

By Tricycle

Magazine | Editors View

Round and Around

From a great remove, the history of religions might resemble cellular activity: entities come together, multiply, divide, regroup, split off, etc., all in a distant dance of transformation. In actuality, the individuation of any one tradition…

By Tricycle

CultureMagazine | Afterword

Shoveling Snow with Buddha

In the usual iconography of the temple of the local Wokyou would never see him doing such a thing,tossing the dry snow over the mountainof his bare, round shoulder,his hair tied in a knot,a model of…

By Tricycle

Magazine | Contributors


STEPHEN BATCHELOR, a frequent contributor to Tricycle, is the author of Buddhism Without Beliefs and, most recently, Verses from the Center, a translation of Nagarjuna’s work on emptiness. He is the co-founder of Sharpham College in…

By Tricycle

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