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IdeasMagazine | Special Section

Creating Sangha

Few would disagree that monasticism, with its vows and disciplines, provides the time and freedom to reflect on the dharma and a conducive framework for cultivation of concentration and insight. For this reason, since the time…

By Stephen Batchelor

Magazine | Special Section

Monasticism at the Millennium

This special section looks at monasticism East and West. Here, Westerners challenge the Asian traditions of granting supremacy to monastics over the laity, and of monks over nuns. Contemporary teachers in Europe and North America, influenced…

By Tricycle


IdeasMagazine | Feature

On the Road to Bodh Gaya

I-TSING, 671-695 C.E.   At a distance of ten days’ journey from the Mahabodhi Vihara [in Bodh Gaya] we passed a great mountain and bogs; the pass is dangerous and difficult to cross. It is important…

By Tricycle

IdeasMagazine | Feature

The Bodhi Tree

THE BODHI TREE The spot under the fig, or Bodhi, tree where the Buddha attained nirvana is a kind of geographical omphalos or axis mundi for Buddhists. Buddhism was conceived under the Bodhi tree, the only…

By Tricycle

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Magazine | Editors View

Useless is Best

I HAVE OFTEN STOOD on interminable lines—at the bank, the post office, the airport, the supermarket—and succumbed to sharing with other corporate-held hostages those rolled-up eyes, grimaces and audible sighs that communicate extreme annoyance. But more…

By Tricycle

Magazine | In the News

In the News Winter 1995

TIBET OR NOT TIBET At the U.N.’s Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing this past September and the parallel Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) Forum in the suburb of Huairou several issues had delegates and Chinese…

By Tricycle

IdeasMagazine | Mind On-Line

Emotional Bandwidth

A FIRST-RATE DEMONSTRATION of the World Wide Web—which shows instantaneous global access to information about any conceivable subject—presents a dizzying realm of connective possibility. For some, the Net embodies a way to physically wire together human…

By Mitchell Kapor

Magazine | Letters

Letters to the Editor Winter 1995

Skillful Scenes Do Buddhists believe in God? It seems that they do! I read in your recent report on religious leaders’ opposition to the patenting of animals [“In the News,” Fall 1995], that four well known…

By Tricycle


IdeasMagazine | Column

Beyond Rangoon

BURMA IS, IN ITS WAY, a kind of shadow Tibet, Tibet without the glamour or mystique, a “Land of Buddhas” as devoutly constant as the land of six thousand monasteries to the north. The charms of…

By Pico Iyer