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Personal ReflectionsMagazine | Feature

The Tie That Need Not Bind

Is Buddhism's teaching on nonattachment a directive to disengage from relationships? A Pure Land priest explains that in her tradition, it is impossible to awaken without them.

by Reverend Patti Nakai | photographs by Pete Saloutos

Neon cube with purple flecks surrounding it; present moment buddhist

IdeasMagazine | Feature

The Present Moment

The "present moment" is on everyone's lips nowadays. But do we really know what we mean by it? The philosophers of antiquity help us get underneath the cliché.

By Jack Petranker | Photography by Tonje Thilesen

people sweeping debris after the Indian Ocean tsunami for article on the 10th anniversary of the tragedy

IdeasMagazine | Feature

Sea of Sorrow

On the eve of the 10th anniversary of the Indian Ocean Tsunami, a psychologist who volunteered to help survivors in Thailand recalls her staggering confrontation with death and considers how a Buddhist country coped with the…

by Ronna Kabatznick | photographs by Philip Blenkinsop


Magazine | Brief Teachings


God’s joy, wrote Rumi,
moves from unmarked box to unmarked box. I remember my sister’s husband,
 after her stroke, complaining
“Liz is a box. It says
 on the outside Liz, but she’s not there, not the Liz I…

By Margaret Gibson

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