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The Single Thing

“I don’t envision a single thing that, when      undeveloped, leads to such great harm as the      mind. The mind, when undeveloped, leads to      great harm.” “I don’t envision a single…

By The Buddha

CultureMagazine | Brief Teachings


My throat is a clenched fire, an arson’s match. All day long I have watched a huge porcupine like a pile of coal or a burnt stump move about the yard in the cold rain eating…

By Mark Hart

CultureMagazine | Spotlight On

Will Horowitz

“To cook is to immerse ourselves in the cycle of life.” So says Will Horowitz, the executive chef and owner of Ducks Eatery in Manhattan. Ducks specializes in heritage techniques: culinary traditions passed down by cultures…

By The Editors

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