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Awakening in Every Moment

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The Four Noble Truths: Living Life with Purpose


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Survey the Landscape of Your Body

Writing as a Spiritual Practice

Learn to write from the place in which spiritual work happens, first by cultivating an attitude of open heartedness, curiosity, wonder, and fearlessness, then by creating work expressing those qualities.

With Sallie Tisdale

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The Four Noble Truths: Living Life with Purpose

Lama Aria Drolma

The Four Noble Truths are the core foundation of Buddhism, offering profound insights into the very nature of human existence. The Four Noble Truths state that suffering is inevitable and an inherent part of existence. There is a cause of this suffering, there is an end to the suffering, and there is a definite path […]

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To hear the sound of the ocean in the Himalayas… This unlikely wish takes a film director and her three girls to Gyütö, where a Tibetan Buddhist monastery, perched high, echoes day and night the sound of sacred tantric chants of meditation, which sound like the waves of the ocean. Wandering freely about wherever their curiosity leads them, they discover the daily life of 400 monks living there. Over time, a dialogue develops and a growing complicity emerges. From this intimate immersion, a film takes form, unfolding like a wave both visually and in sound. The reality of Buddhism is revealed in a way that is unprecedented, in the spontaneity of the questions asked, as well as with the sensitive understanding of a child’s point of view and with no proselytization at all.

Directed by Filipa Cardoso


Conversations with contemporary Buddhist leaders & thinkers

Awakening in Every Moment

Awakening in Every Moment

Artist and calligrapher Kazuaki Tanahashi discusses how the qualities of Zen aesthetics are manifestations of awakening.

With Kazuaki Tanahashi


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