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IdeasMagazine | Special Section

Darwin and the Buddha

Does compassion make evolutionary sense? Does happiness, for that matter? Tricycle interviews science writer Robert Wright on where natural selection and Buddhism meet—and don't.

By James Shaheen

MeditationMagazine | Special Section

The Lama in the Lab

Advances in medical technologies are allowing scientists a peek into the brains of experienced meditators. The Mind and Life Institute (a nonprofit organization devoted to collaboration between Buddhism and science) is at the forefront of this…

By Marshall Glickman


Magazine | Feature

Modernity’s God-shaped Hole

Caught between the perspectives of the scholar and the religious practitioner, Andrew Cooper explores the meaning of faith in a world fixated on reason.

By Andrew Cooper

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MeditationMagazine | Insights

Moving Toward Harmony

Aikido practitioner Eric Oberg’s aphoristic instructions on the principles of the “soft” martial art, offer a fresh approach to nonviolence and nonresistance in everyday life.

By Eric Oberg

Magazine | Editors View

The Spirit of Inquiry

Science has not been kind to religion. For a few centuries now science has been chipping away at reiigion’s most cherished beliefs, leaving none but the most stalwart to argue the believability of a parting sea…

By James Shaheen

Magazine | Parting Words


The wanderer vacchagotta once asked the Buddha what became of the Tathagata (the “Enlightened One”) after death. But no matter how Vacchagotta phrased the inquiry, the Buddha explained that his question did not apply. Finally, he…

By Clark Strand

MeditationMagazine | Brief Teachings

Cutting to the Chase

Do you ever find yourself rambling on during an all-too-brief meeting with your teacher? Burmese master Sayadaw U Pandita provides straightforward instructions for the personal interview process typical during a Vipassana retreat.

By Sayadaw U Pandita

Magazine | Letters

Letters to the Editor Spring 2003

Point Counterpoint Thank you for Thanissaro Bhikkhu’s interesting article, “Romancing the Buddha” (Winter 2002). The piece makes the important point that the roots of Western interest in Asian religions go back to the Romantics. However, when…

By Tricycle

CultureMagazine | Reviews

Buddhist Himalayas

Buddhist HimalayasPhotographs by Oliver and Danielle Föllmi and Matthieu RicardNew York: Abrams, 2002423 pp.; $55.00 (cloth) Spacious landscapes move us. Why? Because we ourselves are, in essence, the moving center of an infinite openness. This metaphor…

By Steven D. Goodman

Magazine | Contributors

Contributors Spring 2003

Andrew Cooper [“Modernity’s God-shaped Hole,”] reflects: “Knocking around among various Buddhist schools, I was struck by how each particular story of the path seems to elicit congruent experiences. In other words, Zen folks have Zen experiences,…

By Tricycle

IdeasMagazine | Interview

Practice First

What is it like to be the abbot of a downtown zendo in post-9/11 New York City? Sensei Enkyo O’Hara talks to Tricycle about taking a stand, facing the enemy, and recent changes in her sangha.

By Tricycle

Magazine | Reviews

Books in Brief Spring 2003

The Practice of DzogchenLongchen RabjamIthaca, NY: Snow Lion Publications, 2002488 pp.; $34.95 (cloth) Written by Longchen Rabjam (1308-1363), the celebrated adept of the Nyingma sect of Tibetan Buddhism, The Practice of Dzogchen is an anthology of…

By Tricycle

CultureMagazine | Reviews

Teachings of the Relationship Buddha

Love Dharma: Relationship Wisdom From Enlightened Buddhist Women Geri Larkin Boston: Journey Editions, 2003 240 pp.; $12.95 (paper) Zen and the Art of Falling in Love Brenda Shoshana, Ph.D. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2003 272…

By Joan Duncan Oliver

CultureMagazine | Reviews

Westward Dharma: Buddhism Beyond Asia

Westward Dharma: Buddhism Beyond AsiaCharles S. Prebish and Martin BaumannBerkeley: University of California Press, 2002436 pp.; $21.95 (paper) For many Westerners interested in Buddhism, the question of Buddhism’s adaptation to non-Asian environments and sensibilities is a…

By Jeff Wilson