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Magazine | Insights

Da, The Buddhist

What happens when a lapsed-Catholic house painter from Glasgow suddenly takes up Buddhist meditation? For Jimmy McKenna—”Da” (Scottish for “Dad”) in Buddha Da, Anne Donovan’s acclaimed first novel, just published in the U.S.—it’s the undoing of…

By Anne Donovan

Magazine | Contributors

Contributors Summer 2004

Tricycle editor-at-large Joan Duncan Oliver mined her own compulsions for “Drink and a Man” (page 67), a first-person essay in the special section “The Riddle of Desire.” “I wish I’d read Mu Soeng’s new book, Trust…

By Tricycle

MeditationMagazine | Editors View

Lightening Up

Many years ago I sat in a café reading a college textbook on Buddhism. An elderly woman at the next table had been eyeing me curiously and seemed to have something to say. I looked over…

By Tricycle

Magazine | Letters

Letters To The Editor Summer 2004

Eternal Delight In her article on the First Hindrance [“On Practice,” Spring 2004], Geri Larkin offers advice to a reader who feels guilty about desiring someone other than her/his partner. In her response she quotes the…

By Tricycle

Magazine | Insights

Spalding Gray <1941-2004>

Spalding Gray (1941-2004)In an interview with His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama in Tricycle’s premier issue, writer and performer Spalding Gray set the tone for issues to come with wit, humor, and what a few chagrined…

By Tricycle

Magazine | Insights

Flying Monks?

Glenn H. Mullin is curator of “Flying Mystics of Tibetan Buddhism,” an exhibit at the Oglethorpe University Museum, in Atlanta, Georgia, through August 8, 2004. He recently spoke to Tricycle about the curious phenomenon of airborne…

By Tricycle

Magazine | Insights

Heart Sutra

In 1999, Michael Rothenberg became the caretaker for his teacher and mentor, Philip Whalen. The following poem is taken from his recent book, written as a eulogy to the late poet. Dharma transmission: “another maniac unleashed,…

By Michael Rothenberg

Magazine | Reviews

Books In Brief Summer 2004

Mahamudra—direct examination of the mind—has a growing following in the West. Though an advanced teaching, it is well suited to Westerners, suggests Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche, one of the foremost mahamudra teachers, and tutor to the 17th…

By Joan Duncan Oliver