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When we understand that karma is based on volition, we can see the enormous responsibility we have to become conscious of the intentions that precede our actions.

– Joseph Goldstein, “Cause and Effect”

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Summer 2020

Made at the onset of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, Tricycle’s Summer 2020 issue contains teachings and essays that offer guidance on dealing with uncertainty and navigating an interconnected world. Sharon Salzberg teaches how the key to resilience lies in remembering that we are never alone in her dharma talk “Forever Connected”; writer Curtis White, in “Our World in the Wheel of Life,” critiques modern society by imagining a contemporary version of the Tibetan Wheel of Life; and former Zen monastic Vanessa Zuisei Goddard contemplates what makes a space sacred in “The Places We Go to Be Here.”

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Parting Words


“I’m sick of peering at the ego. / No, my ego’s tired of peering at me— / It’s she who awakens me into being.”

By Jenny Xie

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Join Christina Feldman and Chris Cullen for a deeply practical online course exploring four transformative qualities of the heart as pathways of insight and awakening. Learn how kindness, appreciative joy, compassion, and equanimity enrich our lives and imbue us with the resiliency to meet life's challenges.

With Christina Feldman and Chris Cullen

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my soul drifts light upon a sea of trees

My Soul Drifts Light Upon A Sea of Trees

After losing two friends and an uncle to suicide, Zen priest Itettsu Nemoto made it his life’s mission to support those struggling with depression and suicidal behavior. My Soul Drifts Light upon a Sea of Trees follows three of the hundreds of people Nemoto has counseled as their lives are transformed by his holistic, community-based approach to suicide prevention.

By Heinrich Dahms


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