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Real Enough

Zen teacher Robert Chodo Campbell and Koshin Paley Ellison talk with poet Nick Flynn

By Robert Chodo Campbell, Koshin Paley Ellison


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Get Intimate with Your Emotions

If you want more joy, get as intimate as possible with all of your emotions, illuminating and honoring the basic energy of each one. There is a kind of joy that sooner or later emerges from…

By Robert Augustus Masters

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Your Best

The best learning is realizing the truth of no-self. The best discipline is taming your mindstream.  The best excellence is to have great altruism.  The best instruction is the constant observation of your mind.  The best…

By Atisha

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Rain, the Snow, and Moon

Every day, priests minutely examine the Law And endlessly chant complicated sutras. Before doing that, though, they should learn How to read the love letters sent by the wind and rain,      the snow and…

By Ikkyu

Illustration by Roberto La Forgia

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Tuning the Mind

When I look at relationships, my own and others, I see a whole range of reasons we get together and ways we interact. Some are transactional, but the deeper impulse of every human relationship is to…

By Ram Dass

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A Contemplation

I contemplated my greed for peace. And I did not seek tranquillity anymore. ♦ From Teachings of a Buddhist Monk, © 1990/2001 Ajahn Sumedho. Reprinted by permission of Buddhist Publishing Group.

By Ajahn Sumedho

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