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Spring 2007

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The Great Escape

Vishvapani travels across India to witness thousands of the nation’s underclass take refuge in a new form of Buddhism and break free from the oppressive caste system.

By Vishvapani


Bread and Stone

How do you recognize an authentic spiritual teacher? By honestly facing up to this age-old question, philosopher Jacob Needleman and his students discover an unexpected truth.

By Jacob Needleman

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Incomparable You

Ch’an Master Sheng Yen comments on two lines of the beloved sixth-century poem the Hsin Hsin Ming, or “Faith in Mind,” by the third Zen patriarch, Seng Ts’an.

By Master Sheng-Yen


Found in Translation

How do you take an ancient text written in a dead language and reveal its wisdom to the English-speaking world? Pali Scholar Dr. Peter Masefield discusses the toil and exhilaration of translating the Buddha’s words with Stephen A. Evans.

By Stephen Evans