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Magazine | Editors View

Buddha and The Beasts

Westerners who know little of Buddhism often associate it with vegetarianism. Zen monks in Japan are mistakenly thought to subsist on a diet of nothing but brown rice. A book of “famous vegetarians” features an image…

By Helen Tworkov

Magazine | In the News

In the News Winter 1994

More Prisons Than Monasteries: The True Map of Tibet “On This Spot: An Unconventional Map and Guide to Lhasa” begins where other commercial guidebooks and maps of Lhasa end. That, according to The International Campaign for…

By Tricycle

CultureMagazine | Reviews

Beyond Optimism

Ken Jones Jon Carpenter Publishing: Oxford, U. K., 1993. 212 pp., £9.99 (paper). Beyond Optimism is good, albeit occasionally bitter, medicine for a species caught between two conflicting realities—total dependence on wealth created by unsustainable economic…

By Allan Hunt Badiner

Magazine | Letters

Letters to the Editor Winter 1994

The Real Problem—Not I was very disappointed in the article “Becoming Buddha: The Life and Times of Poet John Giorno” [Vol. IV, No.1]. His life is not exemplary in any shape or form. The real problem…

By Tricycle