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Summer 2006

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National Voice: Ko Un and the poetry of Korea

THE THREE WAY TAVERN: SELECTED POEMSKo Un; Clare You and Richard Silberg, TranslatorsBerkeley: University of California Press, April 2006184 pp.; $45.00 (cloth), $16.95 (paper) BECAUSE OF THE RAIN: KOREAN ZEN POEMSWon-Chung Kim and Christopher Merrill, TranslatorsBuffalo: White Pine Press, April 200696 pp.; $14.00 (paper) LITTLE PILGRIM: A NOVELKo Un; Brother Anthony of Taize and Young-Moo […]

By Dan Zigmond


Letters to the Editor Summer 2006

LETTER OF THE WONDERFUL LAW Kudos to you all for the special section in the Spring 2006 issue, “The Lotus of the Wonderful Law.” The articles are scholarly and have as their basic intention the furthering of understanding of an elusive Buddhist sutra. The true meaning of this sutra has remained veiled to most practitioners […]

By Tricycle


Books in Brief

PORTRAITS OF TIBETAN BUDDHIST MASTERS Don Farber, text by Rebecca McClen Novick University of California Press, 2005 191 pp.; $29.95 (cloth)             Photographer Don Farber has been chronicling Buddhist life since 1977, covering eight Buddhist countries to date. His latest work is the result of his efforts to record the […]

By Rachel Quimby

In the News

New Books: Rude Awakenings

Rude Awakenings: Two Englishmen on Foot in Buddhism’s Holy Land By Ajahn Sucitto and Nick Scott Published by Wisdom Publications In this excerpt, Nick and Ajahn are welcomed to India by beggars, taxi-drivers, and some very noisy wildlife. CHAPTER 1 PILGRIM’S WAY AJAHN SUCITTO “Chomp, chomp, chomp! Slurp!” Something devilish about that sound, a […]

Ajahn Sucitto and Nick Scott


Real Dead: The definitive translation

The Tibetan Book of the Dead Gyurme Dorje, translator; Graham Coleman and Thupten Jinpa, Editors. New York: Viking, 2005 535 pp.; $29.95 THE TIBETAN BOOK OF THE DEAD is the most celebrated and widely read work of Tibetan literature outside Tibet. The book was first published in English in 1927 by Walter Y. Evans-Wentz, compiled […]

By Bryan Cuevas

Editors View

Take it on Faith?

WESTERNERS PLAY FAST and loose with the Buddhist notion of faith, says frequent Tricycle contributor Thanissaro Bhikkhu. While the Buddha did encourage a healthy skepticism, he nonetheless taught faith. In this issue’s “Faith in Awakening” (page 70), the American-born Thai forest monk writes, “If you sincerely want to put an end to suffering, you should […]

By James Shaheen


Land of Illusions

Land of Illusions In this scene from AMY TAN‘s latest novel, the cynical ghost of murdered San Francisco socialite Bibi Chen tells the story of her friends’ trip to Burma. CROSSING THE BORDER into Burma, one can spot the same pretty flowers seen from the bus window in China: yellow daisies and scarlet hibiscus, lantana […]

By Amy Tan


Tantric Trailblazers: A gathering of mystics

HOLY MADNESS: PORTRAITS OF TANTRIC SIDDHASThe Rubin Museum of ArtNew York, through September 4, 2006                         THERE HAS BEEN a growing misconception in recent years—thanks in part to a glut of how-to videos, an expanding procession of “tantric healers” offering their services on an […]

By Reena Jana

Parting Words

Becoming Unbound

FOR NEARLY TWO THOUSAND YEARS, these brittle birch bark scrolls and others like them sat in clay pots in Afghanistan. In the mid-1990s, smuggled out from under the nose of the Taliban, they made their way onto the European antiquities market and eventually into the care of wide-eyed Western scholars. Their excitement was well-founded: recent […]

By Tricycle


Buddha Buzz

Buddha Buzz: The Game of Life The number of English-language Buddhist board games in the world doubled in size in recent months, to an astounding . . . two! You now have your choice of rainy day dharma fun between BuddhaWheel and the recently unveiled Karma Chakra. Both feature attractive designs, with Tibetan mandalas making […]

By Tricycle


Contributors Summer 2006

Eliot Fintushel profiles Dr. Manfred Clynes for this issue in “The Merry Greis”. He writes: “Soldiering away at profitless things—that’s the life of the artist. Squint and tickle—maybe it’s something, and maybe it’s nothing—it hardly matters. The valuation is just a burden to be endured, plus or minus. So, now and then, when you meet […]

By Tricycle


Chasing Happiness: The pitfalls of the consumer life

THE PARADOX OF CHOICE: WHY LESS IS MORE Barry Schwartz New York: Harper Perennial, 2005 304 pp.; $13.95 (paper)                 I’M AN INEPT COOK, and so grocery stores tend to induce mild flutters of anxiety. What is a “bunch” of parsley? A “sprig” of thyme? And how on […]

By Peter Alsop


Who Are You? Getting to the true answer

THE DIAMOND IN YOUR POCKET: DISCOVERING YOUR TRUE RADIANCEGangajiBoulder: Sounds True, 2005280 pp.; 22.95 (cloth) THIS IS AN EXCEEDINGLY CLEAR and accessible book about the realization of our true nature and what gets in the way of that realization. Its author, the American spiritual teacher known as Gangaji, writes in the introduction, “What I speak […]

By Roshi Nancy Mujo Baker


Get Outta My Head

Meditating at an Indian ashram, ELIZABETH GILBERT struggles to keep it together with no help from her brain. The following morning, I arrive right on time for the 4:00 a.m. meditation session that always starts the day here. We are meant to sit for an hour in the silence, but I log the minutes as […]

By Elizabeth Gilbert
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