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CultureMagazine | Openings

In the Cards

Tensho David Schneider shares a a Lunar New Year card featuring the symbol for Avalokiteshvara written in Siddham script.

By David Schneider

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ananda jennings

IdeasMagazine | Feature

A New Kind of Missionary

Ananda Jennings, the first Western woman to sit an intensive Chan retreat, was a remarkable teacher who was all but forgotten by her home country.

By Benjamin Brose

doctor larry brilliant

Personal ReflectionsMagazine | Feature

The Doctor and His Guru

Epidemiologist Larry Brilliant talks with German media scholar Bernhard Poerksen about the dangers of nationalism in times of a pandemic and the eradication of smallpox as a lesson in global cooperation.

Interview with Larry Brilliant by Bernhard Poerksen


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