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Capable Compassion

Compassion is not just an emotion one might feel after reading something sad or heartbreaking. Our compassion is a source of energy and strength. It is the basis for our actions in the world. ♦ From…

By Tai Moses

Magazine | Brief Teachings

Coming, Going

Empty-handed I entered the world Barefoot I leave it. My coming, my going— Two simple happenings That got entangled. ♦ From Japanese Death Poems, compiled by Yoel Hoffman. © 1998 Tuttle Publishing. Reprinted with permission of the…

By Kozan Ichikyo

Man with head bowed, remorse in buddhism

Magazine | Brief Teachings

The Sweet Pain of Remorse

One particular difficulty, which is one of the most effective catalysts to awakening the heart, is experiencing the pain of remorse. Sometimes we get a glimpse of the fact that we’re living from vanity or unkindness…

By Ezra Bayda

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