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Magazine | Brief Teachings

Dear Abbey Dharma

Dear Abbey Dharma, In my lifetime of professional work in Canadian social service, I have gone from being left-leaning to Social Conservative. I don’t find a place for myself in any Western Buddhist sangha where being…

By Sylvia Boorstein

CultureMagazine | Dedication of Merit

Shall We Offer Flowers?

Bitter buffaloberrydevil’s club, tangled dogtoothnarrowleaf arrowheadWhat are the lineages of life?ground water, radiant heat—listen, they form the underlying beatof the watershed,gifts with no motive the way of the ancientsskyrocket chicory bluestemfew-flowered shooting starIndian pipeall the paradise…

By Andrew Schelling

Magazine | Food

Food for the Gods

The easy-to-make Tibetan dish dresti is traditionally served for ceremonial occasions but also makes for good midweek comfort food.

By Noa Jones

Magazine | Reviews

Books in Brief Summer 2010

        In God Is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions That Run the World—and Why Their Differences Matter(HarperOne, 2010, $26.99 hardcover, 400 pp.), Stephen Prothero argues against the assertion that all religions are…

By Rachel Hiles

Magazine | Letters

Letters Summer 2010

Recapturing the Dark “Turn Out The Lights” by Clark Strand (Spring 2010) was an excellent article! Now we have to figure out how to recapture natural silence. The din of the marketplace in the days of…

By Tricycle

CultureMagazine | Reviews

What I’m Reading Summer 2010

Buddha’s Orphans Samrat Upadhyay Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, July 2010448 pp., $26.00 cloth At first blush, Buddhism might seem hostile to fiction. Our practice asks us to reject all illusions, allowing ourselves to see things only as…

By Dan Zigmond

Magazine | Contributors

Contributors Summer 2010

  Noa Jones writes fiction and creative nonfiction. She is the writer and editor of Art in Action: Nature, Creativity, and Our Collective Future. Her first book was Travellers & Magicians, about the making of Dzongsar…

By Tricycle

IdeasMagazine | Reviews

Captive Meditation

The Prison & The American Imagination Caleb Smith Yale University Press, 2009 272 pp. $40.00 cloth Solitude can be a vehicle for liberation, or it can tear a person apart. To say nothing of sagely hermits—the…

By Nathan Schneider

Tibetan art image of Tilopa mahamudra

TeachingsMagazine | Online Retreats

The Way of Freedom

Mahamudra, or “great seal,” is a term used in Vajrayana Buddhism to refer to the mark, or nature, of all experience: emptiness. Mahamudra practice is most commonly associated with the Kagyü tradition of Tibet. What follows…

By Ken McLeod

Magazine | Good Work

Charities Summer 2010

In May 2006, Buddha Jyoti Himalayan Youth Club Nepal (BJHYC) started its latest social service project, Maitri Griha, or “House of Friendship,” a home for mentally disabled children in Kathmandu, Nepal. Perceiving a lack of care…

[Monty,McKeever] and [Anna,Bernhard] and [Sam,Mowe] Sam Mowe Monty McKeever

CultureMagazine | Reviews

Water Work

Mayordomo: Chronicle of an Acequia in Northern New Mexico Stanley Crawford University of New Mexico Press, 1993 243 pp., $18.95 paper Far Tortuga Peter Matthiessen Vintage Books, 1988 416 pp., $16.95 paper In a time of…

By Joseph McElroy