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Focusing gendlin

MeditationMagazine | Feature


Eugene T. Gendlin, founder of an innovative self-actualization technique with transformative potential, talks with Linda Heuman.

By Linda Heuman

buddhism and religious diversity

IdeasMagazine | Feature

Buddhism and Religious Diversity

Instead of desperately desiring answers to unanswerable questions, Buddhist practitioners should learn how to be helpful in a religiously diverse world.

By Rita M. Gross, Artwork by Tsherin Sherpa


CultureMagazine | Parting Words

Ochre and Blue

Waking to ochre birch leaves sinking in the blue undersea of dawn, I swim in the same currents, needing nothing. Later I’ll forget this, and mourn the end of autumn. What’s left to be said about…

By Chase Twichell

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