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Fall 2011

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Eugene T. Gendlin, founder of an innovative self-actualization technique with transformative potential, talks with Linda Heuman.

By Linda Heuman


Brief Teachings

Dear Abbey Dharma Fall 2011

Dear Abbey Dharma, I’ve been traveling the mindfulness meditation path for two years and have been progressively adding to my formal and informal practice, but it feels as if I’ve hit particularly rough terrain on the path. As I’ve become more aware of my own mindfulness, it seems that I’ve also become more aware of […]

By Sylvia Boorstein


Books in Brief Fall 2011

When Dogen wrote, “engage yourself in zazen as though saving your head from fire,” he was encouraging us to practice meditation with a sense of urgency, to douse the flames of desire during this lifetime. However, after reading Zazen (Red Lemonade, 2011, $15.95, paper, 256 pp.), Vanessa Veselka’s intense debut novel, one wonders whether Zen […]

By Sam Mowe

Good Work

Feeding the world’s hungry

Buddhist Global Relief began as a call to action by the American monk Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi. Originally from New York, Bhikkhu Bodhi spent over 20 years in Sri Lanka, where he received monastic ordination in the Theravada school of Buddhism. He returned to the U.S. in 2002, and since 2007 has been living and teaching […]

By Sam Mowe

Brief Teachings

Be Still

If you wish to cultivate absolute stillness and clarity of mind, right here and now, sit down and imagine yourself on a peaceful shore or by a tranquil lake. If the mind is a snow globe whirling with thoughts, images, memories, and inchoate feelings, then the winds of internal energy and self-seeking—analyzing, evaluating, pushing and […]

By Lama Surya Das

Editors View

Celebrating Two Decades of Tricycle

When Tricycle’s founders published their inaugural issue in the fall of 1991, they had little assurance the modest niche quarterly would make it beyond its first three months, let alone its first year. But a glance at the table of contentsfor the first issue offers a preview of how Tricycle would fulfill its mission as […]

By James Shaheen

Parting Words

Ochre and Blue

This post contains audio. Listen to Chase Twichell read her poem now. Waking to ochre birch leavessinking in the blue undersea of dawn, I swim in the same currents,needing nothing. Later I’ll forget this,and mourn the end of autumn. What’s left to be saidabout being human?

By Chase Twichell


Letters to the Editor Fall 2011

Just Listening I quite enjoyed Tina Fossella’s interview with John Welwood (“Human Nature, Buddha Nature,” Spring 2011). I needed the “small mind work” in order to do some fundamental clearing of the decks, and the meditation practice I started subsequently has been amazing. Ideas and emotions arise while I’m sitting, and I can honor both […]

By Tricycle

Brief Teachings

As Spacious as Nature

Since people might feel a bit lonely coming out into nature by themselves, they tend to go out in groups. But often they just transplant their own little world out into the big world, and they still feel separation: “I’m with these people, not with those.” We should not be like a snail that carries […]

By Master Sheng-Yen


Featured Contributors Fall 2011

To achieve moody, evocative images like those accompanying “Focusing,” photographer Abelardo Morell uses a centuries-old technique called camera obscura (Latin for “darkened room”), precursor to modern photography. Morell first covers the windows of a room in black plastic, creating a totally dark space. He then cuts a small hole in the plastic, through which an […]

By Tricycle

This Buddhist Life

An Interview with Suresh Jindal

Profession: Film producer, former VP of the Indian Motion Pictures Producers’ Association Age: 68Location: New Delhi, India What was your childhood like? Did you identify as a Hindu? My father was a devout Jain practitioner, and my mother was Hindu, but she was basically agnostic; she didn’t practice anything at all. I was brought up […]

By Noa Jones
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