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Summer 2009 Contributors

JAN CHOZEN BAYS, M.D., is a Zen teacher and pediatrician. Her article “Mindful Eating” is adapted from a new book of the same name, which draws on knowledge from both occupations. “For many years,” she tells Tricycle, “I’ve been inventing mindful eating exercises. What finally got me writing was the current epidemic of obesity among […]

By Tricycle

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Soteriology & Apotheosis

if you could imagine, or visualize the entire Wheel of Time mandala in the drop the size of amustard seed at the tip on one’s nose & see the whites of the eyes of 722deitiesall rooting for the enlightened you the wide-awake you if you could imagine an enemy who would it be? visualize the […]

By Anne Waldman

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What I’m Reading Summer 2009

    “SEVENTY-TWO labors brought us this food, / we should know how it comes to us.” For more than four decades now, in his essays, novels, short stories, and poems, Wendell Berry has been reminding us of the labors of the farmers who literally bring us our food. He has lamented the passing of […]

By Barry Magid

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What I’m Reading Summer 2009

THERE’S ALWAYS a stack of books on the bedside table, threatening to topple over and kill me in my sleep. If so, I’ll die happy. Right now I’m immersed in three wonderful new dharma books and four works of fiction—I’ll list them in a minute. First, I have to tell how Daphne Beal’s novel In […]

By Tricycle

CultureMagazine | Parting Words

Remembering Master Sheng Yen

                              Revered Chan Master Sheng Yen died on February 3, 2009, in Taipei at the age of 79. He was an inspiration to Buddhists and non-Buddhists around the globe, and his writing regularly appeared in the pages ofTricycle. Master Sheng Yen’s […]

By Tricycle

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Books in Brief

    Saltwater Buddha: A Surfer’s Quest To Find Zen On The Sea Jaimal Yogis Wisdom Publications, 2009 256 pp., $14.95 (paper) RAISED BY meditating parents, Jaimal Yogis began dreaming of buddhahood at a younger age than most Americans. His debut book, a coming-of-age memoir, documents his endearing and often comical pursuit of this dream. […]

By Tricycle

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From Our Contributers

          EVEN WOMEN who are determinedly pro-choice seldom experience abortion without some shame or remorse. And miscarriage is a loss many never get over. Buddhist rituals don’t always translate to Western practice, but in Mourning the Unborn Dead: A Buddhist Ritual Comes to America (Oxford University Press, 2009, $35.00 cloth), Tricycle […]

Jeff Wilson Joan Duncan Oliver

Magazine | Letters

Letters Summer 2009

NOT SO FASTI would have no beef with Genpo Roshi (“Introducing Big Mind,” Winter 2008) if he presented his Big Mind technique merely as a tool for helping to deal with psychological issues encountered during the course of practice, but he doesn’t. He maintains that by practicing the Big Mind method one can radically speed […]

By Tricycle

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