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JAN CHOZEN BAYS, M.D., is a Zen teacher and pediatrician. Her article “Mindful Eating” is adapted from a new book of the same name, which draws on knowledge from both occupations. “For many years,” she tells…

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    Saltwater Buddha: A Surfer’s Quest To Find Zen On The Sea Jaimal Yogis Wisdom Publications, 2009 256 pp., $14.95 (paper) RAISED BY meditating parents, Jaimal Yogis began dreaming of buddhahood at a younger age…

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          EVEN WOMEN who are determinedly pro-choice seldom experience abortion without some shame or remorse. And miscarriage is a loss many never get over. Buddhist rituals don’t always translate to Western practice,…

Jeff Wilson Joan Duncan Oliver

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Letters Summer 2009

NOT SO FASTI would have no beef with Genpo Roshi (“Introducing Big Mind,” Winter 2008) if he presented his Big Mind technique merely as a tool for helping to deal with psychological issues encountered during the…

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