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CultureMagazine | On Language

To Speech

          This first, this last:there’s nothing you wouldn’t say. Unshockable inclusion your most pure nature,and so you are like an iron pot—whatever’s put in, it holds. We think it’s the fire that cooks the stew,but, speech, it’s also you:teacherof fire-making and stew-making,orator of all our plans and intentions. We think we […]

By Jane Hirshfield

Magazine | Reviews

Books In Brief: Fall 2007

THE SOUND OF SILENCE: THE SELECTED TEACHINGS OF AJAHN SUMEDHO Wisdom Publications, 2007 400 pp.; $16.95 (paper) Teachings from Ajahn Sumedho, a popular American-born teacher and founder of the first Theravada monastic community in the West, have been hard to come by in print. So it’s good to see that the talks collected in this […]

By Tricycle

Magazine | Letters

Letters to the Editor Fall 2007

Transgender Bias Pagan Kennedy’s account of Michael Dillon’s quest to become a Buddhist monk (“Man-Made Monk,” Summer 2007), and the bigotry he encountered, hits a tender spot in me. In 2005, having studied Buddhism for ten years, I cut off my hair and aborted my four-year-long transition from male to female to seek ordination as […]

By Tricycle

Magazine | Editors View

Buddhism: For Adults Only?

“How did you come to Buddhism?” It’s a question I’ve asked plenty of Buddhists I’ve met over the years. People often answer that they came to Buddhism because they felt their churches or synagogues had lost touch with their faith’s spiritual ground. Or that they felt they could no longer abide by mores or live […]

By James Shaheen

Magazine | Contributors

Contributors Fall 2007

Novelist Bruce Wagner’s essay on the influential author and spiritual guide  Carlos Castaneda, “The Art of Reality,” appears in this issue. “When the opportunity unexpectedly presented itself to contribute something toTricycle, the notion of writing about Carlos Castaneda immediately came to mind. At first, the writing was stiffly formal; when I attempted something more personal, […]

By Tricycle

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